Foliage Walls for All Occasions

Using greenery to create backdrops for all kinds of special events is becoming more and more popular. A greenery wall can be used to great effect at occasions like weddings and corporate functions, or incorporated into your everyday home or business décor.

Faux Greenery

If you want the natural or neutral look of a foliage wall but you don’t want the hassle of maintaining live plants, there are some great choices of artificial green wall panels to suit any need. These interlocking panels can be fitted together to form walls of any size and shape.

Some of the best faux green wall panels are made out of sun-resistant, flame-retardant, recyclable materials, which makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Visual Quality

Nowadays, you really can’t see much of a difference between the best green floral backdrop and the real thing. If your guests decide to get out of their seats and scrutinise your wall with their magnifying glasses, you may be found out – but not otherwise.


With faux greenery, you can choose exactly what look you want -- anything is possible. Moreover, you can choose that look in any season, regardless of what grows naturally where you are.


The main reason faux foliage walls are so cost-effective is that they can be reused. They don’t die, and normally look just as good at the end of your function as they did at the beginning. Also, seeing that the foliage doesn’t wilt, you can set up your wall whenever you like – which means you never have to pay extra for after-hours installation.

Situations that Call for a Wall

Unlike flowers, artificial greenery wall backdrops have no potential for clashing with the colour scheme of your room or event. It looks good with everything. Green wall panels mounted on a fence can give you instant privacy in your garden; strategically mounted on exterior walls, they can give your building the appearance of an opulent historic mansion.


Green walls can be used to good effect to disguise necessary eyesores like fuse boxes, piping, or heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning components. Suddenly, these eyesores are not eyesores any longer but become attractive focal points.

Functional Divisions

Inside a home or office, you can use green walls to divide a large area into smaller, more private spaces. Studies suggest that living and working near areas of greenery improve concentration and productivity.

Feature Walls

At weddings, green walls are popular as a backdrop for pinning up seating plans, menus, or photos. They are also great for exhibitions.


The great thing about faux greenery walls is that you have complete control over the look you want. You can choose the size, shape, and colour of the leaves. You can add real or faux flowers for extra colour and fragrance.

Apart from the actual green wall, you can add signage: beautiful calligraphy can be used to write words, with or without white, coloured, or neon lighting.


Final Word

Mad Dog Backdrops offers three choices of greenery foliage walls for hire, ranging in price from $150 to $320 NZD. Our minimalist yet sophisticated designs make these foliage walls your perfect choice for any event, whether it be in the home, garden or venue. View our selection here.



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