Organising Your Own Photoshoot

Hosting your photo shoot can be pretty daunting. There are endless decisions to be made, from picking a theme to choosing a location, but with the help of Mad Dog backdrops, your experience can be much easier. 

Let us give you some tips and help you break the decisions into manageable steps. 

Gather Inspiration

A photoshoot begins with an idea, and for each of your ideas. The Mad Dog backdrops can provide some ideas, as you can view the range of backdrops we offer. Whether you are planning a wedding or your child's 21st milestone birthday, Mad Dog will be able to assist and inspire you. 

One of the easiest ways of entertaining your guests to take part is to have a photo booth that ties in with your event. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo booth, you can have a hired backdrop with you baby infront of it eating there cake, the backdrop allowed everyone at the event to be a photographer.  Searching for inspiration? Aside from the Mad Dog range, you can visit pinterest and instagram, or even Google image search. Mad Dog backdrops also offer bright neon signs and furniture selections, so you could organise your photoshoot elements in one go. 

Scout Potential Locations

Your photo shoot can be held anywhere, from your own backyard to an outdoor park or studio. Consider what would work best for your particular event. Should it be outside or inside? What kinds of props do you want to have available? All of these decisions will determine what will be the best location.  

Hiring photographers and booking a studio comes with a hefty price tag, so whether you are having a bridal shower or Sweet 16 party, your best option for a location can very well be your very own backyard. If you decide on an indoor photoshoot, then utilising an artificial grass photo backdrop for your photo booth from Mad Dog will be an excellent way of bringing nature into your venue.

May we even suggest your NCEA or university photography project be staged and designed using backdrops and props? Instead of going out and finding photographic subjects, you can bring them to you! 

Conceptualizse Your Vision

For a more professional photoshoot, mood boards are an easy way to put together your ideas and showcase your intention. These are a collection of pictures that shows your whole concept of how you want your photoshoot to look. 

Creating a mood board can also help guests understand your intention so that everyone can know what you are aiming for and take some fun and exciting photos.  

Create the Right Atmosphere

Creating the best atmosphere is crucial to a successful photoshoot. Mad Dog has various backdrop walls that can help you achieve the desired effect with minimum fuss. 

Setting up a photo booth with a lovely floral photo backdrop will immediately create a background that will elevate your pictures to the next level. Making the photoshoot even easier is Mad Dog's personal touch in assisting with the setup and dismantling, which makes it a hassle-free experience. 

Final Thoughts

By following these easy steps, you are set for your own personalised photoshoot. You will have done everything possible to ensure a fun experience for your guests. And with Mad Dog's photography flower wall selections, you won’t go wrong in wowing everyone with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

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