Real Flower Walls and Faux Flower Walls

The trend of using greenery for artistic backdrops for special events (such as weddings, corporate functions, parties, and more) has taken off in recent years. Flower walls can be customised to provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion, especially since so many people want perfect photos to keep and share.

Advantages of Faux vs. Fresh

The problem with traditional flower walls is that they can be a nuisance to set up, maintain, and dismantle when your event is concluded. 

You might think that live flowers would always be better than artificial flowers, but with the huge advances in silk flower technology, this is no longer the case. Just about the only respect in which faux flowers can’t rival fresh flowers is in terms of fragrance (and if you want fragrance, you could still use a combination of fresh bouquets and faux flower walls).


Now that the technology for making artificial flowers is so advanced, there’s very little visual difference between real and artificial flowers. Even close up, you’d have to subject them to the keenest scrutiny to determine if they were real or not.


One of the main benefits of artificial flowers is the degree of customisation you can get. You can pick out flowers that are the shape, size and colour you want (within reason). You are also not limited by which flowers are available at the time of year when your event is being held.


Especially when you are considering what goes into making a whole wall, the great thing about faux flowers is that you can get the same effect at a fraction of the price. With real flowers, florists need to spend a lot of time and effort growing the blooms and keeping them looking their best. For a silk flower backdrop, the only labour you need is setting up and taking down the wall. You can get a very small live flower wall for the same price as a whole wall of silk flowers.


When you rent a flower wall with faux flowers, the flower wall cost will be even less (normally under $500) than if you buy, because the owner can reuse the materials. Moreover, when working with faux flowers, there is no pressure to get everything done quickly before the flowers die, so nobody needs to work after hours (for double the price).

How We Select the Best for Your Flower Wall Hire

When selecting faux flowers for your wall, first impressions are very important. It’s usually best to choose the look that first catches your eye. Chances are, your instincts won’t let you down.

Beyond the visual first impression, here are some other things to think about when utilising a faux flower wall:


Check whether the wire stems feel sturdy. Flowers and foliage should be securely attached. The last thing you need is leaves and flowers that constantly get knocked off when somebody brushes past.

Flower Head

The main thing that distinguishes high-quality artificial flowers is the level of detail. Just like real flowers, quality silk flowers should have many layers and intricate patterns on their petals.

Final Word

At Mad Dog Backdrops, we have seven stunning artificial flower wall designs for you to choose from. Unlike real flowers, our silk flowers don’t peak and trough in price depending on the season – so you can find exactly what you’ll pay, with no extras.

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