Top 5 Elements that Make an Event Memorable

Mad Dog is a backdrop-hiring event company, specialising in creating memorable, dream events. We have the perfect backdrop, signage, or party accessory to transform your event. 

Here are are our other top 5 suggestions to make your event stand out from the crowd:

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are arguably the most important addition to a party. Long after an event is finished, guests often remember the menu. Coordinating food and drinks into a theme can be fun and exciting, whether it's flamingo straw or drinks out of a flamingo shaped glass, small touches can really bring a party together. It is also fun to have cocktail dispensers or make your own stations, so guests can have their own fun and something to do - this can make great social media content also!  

Backdrop & Photography

On the topic of themes, an event backdrop wall can enhance any gathering, and they make for stunning photos that can be saved and shared on any social media platform with success. Backdrops give an obvious area for guests to gather and take pictures, especially when lighting is taken into consideration upon set up. All photography flower wall backdrops can also have additional signage attached to them, or be set up to suit a certain theme. Backdrops give the perfect addition to your photo-perfect moments. 


A venue can really set the scene for your event. If you can find a location that suits the theme you are going for, you set the premise for every other element. Even a natural location like a garden, or a rustic homestead can be turned into a tropical oasis or pirate cove. Weather may be your biggest consideration in picking a venue, and seasons, for six months of the year at least. With backdrops and any other hired gear, you may want to check the rules around where you can place products (inside or outside, are they waterproof etc) and how long you get to keep a hold of them for.  

Theme and Decorations

We highly recommend that you dress your event space to help create the perfect atmosphere and sharp focal points. Themes can guide guests on how to dress, and what to bring. Everything from the cake to helium balloons can be tied into your theme, and decorating a space really makes a difference in making guests say “wow”. If you want your event to be remembered, decorating is crucial, and they can have a nice impact on the ambiance and photographic moments. Our flower backdrops will enhance your theme for photographic moments, and conversation during the event will take place at one of our many accessories, the rustic bar.


Being bored at a party is what most of us fear when we head out for an evening. Plan ahead when you’re doing the decorations and food, and think, what can guests do for fun? Is there a dedicated space for dancing? Is there music? Think about including some giant indoor or outdoor games. Entertainment is how you get your guests mingling and starting conversations. The most memorable events are when guests enjoy themselves. 

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